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This is what a proper shift paddle should be, blows both SRAM options out of the water, I own both. I have BIG hands and this works great by allowing you to position the shifter farther in board but still be able to shift with just your thumb. One of first paddles I received was binding, AD was quick to resolve this issue that is actually SRAM’s fault. Some of the AXS shifters were manufactured out of spec. They sent me another paddle made specifically for this issue and BOOM! Bobs your uncle. BUY ONE NOW! Seriously that good.

Jonathan1 dec. 2022

These shifters make the difference. The ergonomics have been well thought out. I especially like the ‘trigger-finger’ shift option. It makes shifting gears even faster. The best upgrade for your AXS-system!

Matthijs de Boorder7 oct. 2022

The shifting experience is even better than with the rocker paddle. It his intuitive and very smooth. Impressive that you do not need the original spring with these shifters. AXS shifting is great, but the quick shift makes it awesome! 😉 A clear recommendation for this useful upgrade at a reasonable price.

Jörg Schmitz13 nov. 2022

SRAM AXS blip holder
The shipment has been very fast and the communication very good. I loved the supports, they have left me with a very minimalist and very clear handlebar. They look very strong and do not move at all. The great buttons, you have no option to make a mistake when pressing. I am very happy with the purchase.
Thank you so much.

Jesus Garcia Rodriguez-Izquierd24-3-2024

Review AXS shifter
The craftsmanship is incredible! The fit is bar-none perfection! This product is next level on evey plain! Highly recommended to anyone ready for a game changing experience in thier cycling! No turning back-only foward from here!

Thank you!