LEAP components

Created by passionate bikers!

Whenever we’re not out riding our bikes ripping up trails, we have fun creating new and improved bike components. All parts on your bike should feel right and make you smile while using them.

That’s what we @LEAP components do; We give a high-end product an even better user experience, a better feel and an awesome look!

  • Improved ergonomics
  • Better experience
  • Personalized look.
AXS Remote Button
Ergonomic Blip buttons


Move the arrow to see the difference between the original Sram shifter and the LEAP Components shifter...
Sram AXS Remote Upgrade Button LEAP
SRAM AXS original shifter SRAM


SRAM AXS Blip holder LEAP
SRAM AXS original Blip holder SRAM


SRAM AXS reverb shifter Upgrade LEAP
SRAM AXS original reverb shifter SRAM


All parts are designed, engineered and made in the Netherlands.

Tested as much as we can in the high alpine of the Alps and the miniature hills of our home country

3D Printed

Selective laser sintering (SLS) is an industrial 3D printing process, giving very large design freedom and superb engineering probabilities. Next generation FDM machines make the in house production possible. After countless hours applying these possibilities these make for excellent machines to create high end bike components!

High-end Material

All components are made of high quality materials, CF15 black carbon, PA12 Nylon and Carbon fibre filled Nylon (carbonmide) these are strong where they need to be and flexible where they ought to be.


3D printing uses less material than traditional manufacturing. The process allows the product to be made without much waste, as the product is only created where it needs to be. Therefor less excess waste material.


To compliment the awesome Sram AXS wireless shifting system. We designed, engineered and thoroughly tested a new lever to fit the existing shifter unit.

  • Better ergonomics and shifting performance, with the buttons below the handlebar.
  • The annoying play that the standard buttons have, is completely gone.
  • The Quickshift model allows you to use your thumb to upshift and downshift, and to use your index finger or thumbnail to upshift like the trigger shifter.

Take your biking to the next level of fun, your racing to the next podium and make your freeride more free… Ride on, ride on!